Building High Performance Organisations - Intentional Culture Design Course

Ideal for upskilling Executive Leadership and Transformation Teams

This intensive course is delivered over 6 weeks, you will be equipped with our first of kind Intentional Culture Design Model, guiding leadership teams to build organisational culture driving unity & wellness,  address current senior leadership and organisational culture and wellbeing challenges.

Designed for senior level leadership and advisory groups who oversee organisations or multiple teams, this advanced provides tangible training outcomes to inform systemic intentional culture design.

Underpinned by systems theory, neuroscience, sociology, humanities, personality psychology and performance theory, you will gain KNOWLEDGE to understand the drivers of change resistance, negativity, closed mindsets and much more. You will gain the SKILLS to open mindsets and influence effective cross organisational leadership collaboration. You will gain TOOLS to build strategy that mobilises all the work already undertaken by your organisation, into sustainable, high performing organisational culture. 

The course delivery format involves a 2 days foundation block course in person, involving a small group delivery up to 8 people, followed by 5 weeks of sessions guided in an online learning environment and intensive coaching. Ideal for senior leadership team development.  



Are you an NGO?

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Group delivery for 5-8. Contact us now for pricing schedule.



"What a great couple of days. I have learnt so far the tools to move people, to share, identify pain points and create a plan."  - Public Sector Operations Leader - Overseeing 400 people

"The last two days have been inspirational, refreshing & healing. I felt hugely privileged to be part of that amazing group" -  Community Leader

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