Communications & Policy

Streamlined communication and policy structures enable sound and effective transition of information and interpretation throughout your organisation. This is critical to everyone being on the same page, passionately engaged and aligned with your organisation’s mission.

Working with Growth Development will enable identification of what is working well and where your gap areas are. We will provide you with any communication processes, technology & tools and policy structures needed to optimise your organisation’s potential.

Talking past each other describes the situation where two or more people talk about different things, while believing that they are talking about the same subject.

Talking past each other happens easily in everyday 1:1 conversation, let alone communication through email, across teams, and throughout organisational structures. What this means is that despite good intentions, more often than not the message conveyed is not the message received.

Did you Know?


More time is being spent on calls, e-mails and meetings now compared to 20 years ago


Of e-mails is all that is opened by busy employees

Our Mission

Unleashing the potential of people to be connected, inspired and committed to their growth and the growth of their organisation.