Kotahitanga: An introduction the the SIMPLE Method through Building United Teams

Kotahitanga is the concept of togetherness. In this introductory Seminar we explore the fundamentals of collective performance within a team setting, taking you on a journey to unleash the potential of your people. 

This training provides the foundational knowledge of what is required to build unity, the characteristics that make up high performance in a workplace setting and how to create a  team environment to optimise productivity, wellness and innovation. Providing an overview of the first of its kind SIMPLE Method to transformation, this Seminar also provides the opportunity for development of an implementation orientated workplan design to 'build culture' as a team. 

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"Totally would recommend this training, it's extremely helpful and informative. Provides great subject material and great strategies that can be easily implemented." 

 Team Leader - Health & Social Service


"Our whole industry needs this!"

Forman - Construction


"I have attended other leadership training, but found this a refreshing way of learning and enjoyed the practicality."

CEO - National Social Service

Our 'Why'

Growth Developmentā€™s vision is a changed Aotearoa through unleashing the potential of he tangata, the people, of hapori, community, to be connected, inspired and committed to united growth.