TK is a place where collaboration and inter-organisational connectivity is made easy

Growth Development is proud to announce our new affiliation with NZ's largest flexible workspace provider, with a special mission of inter-organisational collaboration amongst non-profits and social enterprises.


Prosperity through partnership: Building a successful future for our Pacific businesses and communities

Growth Development is honoured to be a preferred provider serving our Pacific businesses and communities across Aotearoa.


The Regional Business Partner Network is a gateway that connects you to the right advice, people and resources. Working together, we can help you strengthen and grow your business in many different ways.

Growth Development is a registered service provider. Contact us now to gain support to access funding under this partnership.


Our vibrant campuses provide the ideal environment for learning

Growth Development is thankful for our affiliation to Waikato University, both Bay of Plenty and Waikato sites, enabling catering for large group seminar delivery in beautiful spaces.

The prosperity and splendor of Tauranga Moana to the World  Te pai mete whai rawa o Tauranga Moana ki te ao

Growth Development is excited to officially join Priority One's mission to build prosperity and take the splendor of Tauranga Moana to the World.


Our Mission

Unleashing the potential of people to be connected, inspired and committed to growth.