GROWTH DEVELOPMENT was founded on the realisation that the very system that needed to change, was actually what constraint the ability to change.

Throughout my career I realised I could see things. Where the blocks were. The misalignment of perspectives. Where top down priorities meet bottom up priorities. It was different depending on the organisation, the leadership structure and the people attributes. What was the same though, was the frustration of our people. That is our people on the floor as well as the people leading them, right through to the top level strategic leaders. I could see the energy this took and how this impacted on them and took away from their ability to thrive in their work.

Recognising the factor my social science systems lens played in my abilities to identify and analyse organisational people problems, I embarked on developing a first of its kind solution. Researching the greatest organisations in the world, I found out what they do to get things right for their people to perform to their optimum and how they do it.

I then enlisted the most talented group of people with the expertise required, to bring a unique solution to addressing the phenomenon of organisational culture transformation.

                                                         Melanie Bedggood, Growth Development Founder & Chief Executive

People in their vocational contexts truly want the same thing, it is only the perspectives on how to achieve that, that may be different. The very deliberate step of founding a social enterprise that allows us to deliver what needs to be delivered, without the constraints of the system we sit within, is brought to you in the form of Growth Development's SIMPLE Method.




Our Mission

Unleashing the potential of people to be connected, inspired and committed to growth.