|| Mel Bedggood

The Architectural Visionary

Melanie is the Principal Founder of Growth Development. She is a visionary and trailblazing innovator, standing at the forefront of thought leadership with an unbridled passion for unleashing potential. She is a subject matter expert in transformational leadership, unity, organizational culture, mental health and wellbeing ,systemic alignment and engagement. With a passion for unraveling innovative solutions to complex challenges, Melanie possesses a diverse background in service development and quality improvement initiatives, garnered through her on the ground experience in leadership, governance and advisory roles at the local, regional, and national levels.

|| Jan Polley

The Guidance Commander

Jan is not just a subject matter expert; she's a dynamic force in the realms of health and wellbeing, governance, and alignment and engagement. Through her extensive experience, Jan has played pivotal roles in Expert Advisories under the Health, Quality, and Safety Commission, showcasing her commitment to excellence and her ability to contribute at the highest levels of decision-making. Her strategic insights and governance acumen make her an ideal partner for businesses navigating the complexities of corporate leadership. Jan's innate empathy for her fellow beings is a driving force behind her dedication to fostering connection, instilling a sense of belonging, and promoting continuous growth.

|| Tiffany Holden

The Empowering Captain

Tiffany is a subject matter expert in leadership, culture, and people engagement, she stands at the forefront of unlocking human and team performance. Serving as Personal Development Manager for New Zealand 7s Rugby, Tiffany has also successfully delivered and led numerous Government Ministerial contracts, notably within the context of Kaupapa Intensive and Early Intervention Services. Her impactful contributions extend to grassroots service delivery, spanning both urban and rural community settings. Tiffany's passion lies in constructing teams that embody safety, connection, and empowerment, fostering environments where individuals and teams can thrive.

|| Kate Montgomerie

The Super Dreamer

With a background spanning 15 years in education and leadership, Kate's love for learning and people is the driving force behind her remarkable success. Her can-do attitude, dedication to research, and adeptness with technology form the pillars of her commitment to inspiring people to create 'real-life' change through meaningful and innovative learning experiences. As the Director of Learning and Innovation and Head of Academy, Kate consistently pushes the boundaries to shape a transformative learning environment. Her wealth of experience, coupled with a forward-thinking mindset, positions Kate as a standout figure in the field of education and learning innovation, elevating her to the forefront of inspiring positive change through education.

|| Steve Lasslett

The Transformer

Steve, an out side of the box innovator, has an exceptional ability to translate complex information into 'simple' concepts. As a subject matter expert, Steve brings highly specialized knowledge in the realm of human and group performance. Cultivated over an impressive background of 18 years in Adult Education and 15 years of coaching experience with both individuals and teams. Throughout his illustrious career, Steve has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing the fields of human performance, lifestyle/behavior change, workplace health and well-being, motivation, and growth mindset development. His unique blend of expertise extends beyond the conventional boundaries, positioning him as a transformative force in shaping how individuals and teams approach challenges and opportunities.

Our Purpose

Unleashing the potential of people to be connected, inspired and committed to united growth.