Seeking to grow your leaders?
Wanting to build a culture of unity and wellness for your people?
Are you a community wanting to purposefully collaborate?
Or a sector wanting to achieve transformative change?

Our unique approach underpinned by our Alignment & Engagement Model, our SIMPLE Method and GROWTH Framework, provides the process, knowledge, tools, frameworks and implementation support needed to succeed.




What a great couple of days. I have learnt so far the tools to move people, to share, identify pain points and create a plan.

Operations Leader - Overseeing 400 people


Growing Leadership

Our SIMPLE Method provides leadership the knowledge, tools and frameworks required to build a culture of leadership, guiding the implementation of any strategic priority.

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Transforming Organisations & Communities

Aligning he tangata, the people, to the 'why' the vision of change, and engaging them to define the 'what', the mission at hand, provides the united focus foundational to transformative change.

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Building Teams & Culture

Effective teamwork is underpinned by strong culture which provides the defining characteristics of 'who we are' as a group.

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Our 'Why'

Growth Developmentā€™s vision is a changed Aotearoa through unleashing the potential of he tangata, the people, of hapori, community, to be connected, inspired and committed to united growth.