UNITY. Aotearoa is a charitable focussed enterprise that supports Growth Development to unleash the potential of building unity across our local communities.  Its purpose is to unleash Aotearoa's potential to unite over our common priorities of building a better future for our tamariki, whānau and communities.

UNITY. Aotearoa is able to fulfill its purpose by reinvestment in Aotearoa's communities.  We do this through:

  • Partnering in community collaboration initiatives with the Not for Profit Sector to build unity
  • Supporting the shaping of more informed and inclusive communities 
  • Providing subsidised professional development for the Not for Profit Sector 

Upcoming Events:

Transformational Leadership 101 | Waikato University | 24 April 2024

UNITY. Aotearoa is excited to partner with Relationship Leaders to bring you this subsidized professional development opportunity. Limited spaces are available for this transformative seminar held at Waikato University. Kirstie Magowan, renowned for her expertise in building transformational relationships, will be co-presenting with Melanie Bedggood, CEO of Growth Development.

In this training seminar will do a deep dive into the Unity Conditions that underpin the SIMPLE. Method, a framework designed to empower leaders towards transformational outcomes. These Unity Conditions are the conditions that leaders must produce to enable collective performance, that are essential yet frequently overlooked. These conditions form the bridge between the 'people space' and the operational space, crucial for achieving public sector outcomes. Find out more about this seminar including how to secure your space here...

UNITY. Aotearoa Magazine

After the remarkable response to the launch of UNITY. Aotearoa Magazine last year, we're thrilled to announce a new social responsibility-driven initiative in 2024. This initiative aims to foster awareness and encourage contribution towards a better New Zealand. It seeks to unite us in addressing issues vital to all of us.

Driven by New Zealanders with open, growth-oriented mindsets, this 'social movement' aims to instill pride in our unity while addressing important issues. The magazine will now be available exclusively through sponsored magazine subscriptions. Sponsors will share the cause with their people, clients, and customers.

If you're interested in sponsoring through a subscription, reach out to us directly to express your interest and receive further information.

Our Purpose

Unleashing the potential of people to be connected, inspired and committed to united growth.