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At Growth Development, we specialize in empowering leaders and leadership teams to drive successful transformational change. Research has shown that globally, 70% of transformative change endeavors fail. This alarming statistic drove our passion to create a new approach that combines organizational development, leadership capability building, and transformative change.

Our SIMPLE. Leadership Approach equips leaders with the core knowledge needed to build the conditions for their people to lead out transformative change priorities successfully. The SIMPLE. Method is our transformative change strategy, designed to address the primary reason for failure: lack of people buy-in. By aligning strongly with outcome priorities and building solutions from the ground up inspired by the world-leading Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework, we focus on moving the needle and recognizing the need to evolve. This approach creates the conditions to overcome fear and risk aversion, which often lead to more complex structures, rather than the agile structures needed for innovation.

Introducing the SIMPLE. Method

The SIMPLE. Method is a groundbreaking, world-first approach designed, tested, and refined by Growth Development. This pioneering methodology seamlessly integrates organizational development with change management, offering a comprehensive 'how-to' guide for leaders. SIMPLE. is not just a tool—it's a paradigm shift in how transformational priorities are defined and enacted. It upskills leaders and creates the essential conditions for lasting success, ushering in a new era of leadership strategy.

What Sets SIMPLE. Apart?

SIMPLE. transcends traditional methods and certifications, diving deep into the complexities of transformation with a focus on people and culture. It's about fostering enduring, meaningful change that elevates your team, organization, or community. SIMPLE. is an essential guide for modern leaders, equipping them to navigate the complexities of today's leadership landscape.

Essential for Your Transformation Priorities

In an ever-evolving world, SIMPLE. is the indispensable tool for leading successful transformations. Whether you are initiating a major cultural shift or aiming to boost operational efficiency, SIMPLE. is the cornerstone for achieving your transformation goals.

Explore SIMPLE. Certification

To further enhance your leadership skills, explore our newly released SIMPLE. Prospectus 2024. Alternatively, book a conversation with us to discover how SIMPLE. can be the solution for your transformational change needs.


Our Purpose

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