Welcome to the Let's Talk SIMPLE. Podcast Series!

Discover the transformative power of the SIMPLE. Leadership approach, revolutionizing leaders, teams, and organizations for unparalleled success in culture enhancement, business transformation, innovation, and growth.

Hosted by Kate Montgomerie, Head of Growth Development Academy and Director of Learning Innovation and Technology, and featuring Melanie Bedggood, CEO of Growth Development and Principal Founder of The SIMPLE. Transformation Method and SIMPLE. Leadership Approach. 

At its core, SIMPLE. Leadership is about equipping leaders with the knowledge to create the necessary 'conditions' for their people, to drive the organization to achieve its goals effectively. It provides leaders with the tools and insights needed to foster a culture of transparency, empowerment, and continuous growth. In each episode, Kate and Melanie delve into key components of SIMPLE. Leadership, exploring its unique approach to not just leadership but driving unprecedent outcomes, its impact on organizational culture, and its role in accelerating business transformation. Through engaging conversations, real-life examples, and actionable insights, you'll gain knowledge and tools to become a more effective leader and drive success in your business.

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EPISODE 1: Let's Talk SIMPLE. Podcast: What Makes SIMPLE. Leadership so Simple?

Welcome to the premiere episode of the Let's Talk SIMPLE. Podcast. In this episode, we will introduce you to the concept of SIMPLE. Leadership and why it is so uniquely simple yet powerful. We'll dive into the key components that underpin this approach and discuss how these differ from traditional leadership methods. From defining SIMPLE. Leadership to highlighting its impact on organizations, we'll unpack the essence of this innovative framework.

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